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My focus at all times is on doing the best for the people I work with. For me it is not just about a mortgage, it is about ensuring the mortgage selected suits your entire financial situation.


Below are some testimonials from our happy clients.

Rudi & Heather - Milton/Oakville

Mark & Claire - Milton

Donna & Dave - Milton

Client Success Story

Chris and Andrea - Milton Realtors

We just had one of the most satisfying nights of our real estate career tonight when we told our sellers they were officially sold firm, thanks to Warwick.

With a very strange market and the buyer having financial hurdles to conquer, we seriously couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of our amazing mortgage broker Warwick Johnston.

Our initial 5 business days financing conditions came & went and the buyers for our listing were ready to walk away until Chris arranged for them to meet with Warwick. He managed to it pull together, in 3 business days I might add, what looked like an impossible endeavour for the buyers. Both the buyers & their realtor were ecstatic! A huge shout out & thank you to Warwick & your ridiculous financial knowledge & expertise. We are so lucky to have you as part of our team!

For 7 years or more we have referred clients to Warwick and he has never let us down. They always comment on his professionalism, compassion & financial knowledge. When we have Warwick on the job we feel confident it will be successful!

Sincerely Andrea & Chris Seventikidis, Century 21 Future Milton

Justyna - Milton

When I bought my new build condo in 2015 i started looking for options regarding a mortgage and I found Warwick. I heard so many mixed reviews regarding mortgage brokers but I have done my share of meetings with the banks like Scotia and TD and I did not have a good experience.

When I met with Warwick he was very professional, calm and explained everything to me in a way I can understand. I finally moved in January 2018 and it was a great smooth experience. This man changed my whole perspective regarding brokers and I definitely recommend his services.

Brian & Jenn - Milton

We had a great experience working with Warwick. He is a true professional and a pleasure to spend time with. He was genuinely invested in finding the best product for our needs.

We truly appreciated the time he dedicated to educating us along the way. He and his team are also very responsive

Tony & Amy - Burlington

Such a fantastic experience working with Warwick, we have nothing but great things to say about him!

He helped us figure out the right type of mortgage to suit our needs by giving us a detailed breakdown of our financial situation, which allowed us to see exactly what we would be able to afford! He was extremely easy to get in contact with, whether it be by text message, email or phone call - and he ALWAYS responded to our questions ASAP! Warwick made sure that we understood everything along the way, and he offered his continuing support throughout the entire home-buying process!

Thank you for everything Warwick! :)

Keith & Lesley - Huntsville

When it was time to renew our mortgage some three years ago we decided it was prudent to use a broker and get the best possible deal. We met with Warwick in our home and he got us fixed up with no headaches.

So when we purchased our forever home with a closing date of three weeks we felt comfortable knowing that Warwick would do what it takes to get it done! And he did, in his calm inimitable way! Such a treat to deal with someone who can put you at ease at what can be a very stressful time!

Thanks to Warwick and Tracey for making it as painless as you did.

J & S - Guelph

"Sometimes, the people we count on the most...are the ones who hear 'thank you' the least. Since you are one of those special people, I hope you always know how much you are appreciated."

Thank You for all you have done and continue to do to help us!!
We very much appreciate YOU!
J and S

Rob & Varsha - Toronto

Entering the Toronto housing market for the first time can be a scary and overwhelming process. We had heard that going through a mortgage broker was the smartest option. So we decided to call Warwick who had come very highly recommended to us through friends.

Entering the Toronto housing market is very difficult unless you make x amount of dollars but our situation was even harder because I am a small business owner. Which in being a small business owner the bank makes it a lot harder to get approval on a mortgage. From the moment we met Warwick and he explained the ins and outs of the process we knew we were in good hands. It felt great to have someone going to bat for us against the banks. There is no way we ever could have got approved for our dream condo without the hard work of Warwick and his team.

My family is forever thankful to you for getting us our dream condo!
Thank very much, Rob and Varsha

Susan - Etobicoke

An Update and Thank You

I met with Navin (NC Law) today and signed all the papers, so the final wheels are in motion…… He was a great recommendation and made the process very easy.

I would like to thank both of you, Warwick and Tracey, for your understanding, kindness and patience through this whole ordeal, and look forward to working with you in a couple of years should I need to secure a mortgage with another lender. You were both very easy to work with.
Sincerely, Susan

Derick & Lisa - Georgetown

As first time home-buyers we absolutely loved your service from top to bottom. You made us feel comfortable every step of the way and took the time to answer all of our questions. You stuck with us when we got stressed near the end and we feel very confident we got a great 'product' working with you! 10/10!

We will be keeping in touch! It feels good to have someone with your experience and knowledge on our side. Derick & Lisa

Frank - Milton

Warwick has been a fantastic help through my process of securing a mortgage for my first home. Very professional, extremely helpful, and has given me sound advise as his client. This aspect of buying a house was completely stress free.

I would without hesitation recommend Warwick to anyone who is looking to get a mortgage!

Kris & Celine - Milton/Toronto

I would like to thank Warwick Johnston for his utmost professionalism and knowledge as a mortgage agent.

As a first time home buyer, my fiance and I had many questions and Warwick walked us through the process, was patient and answered all of our questions thoroughly. He was responsive and always made us feel he had time to speak with us. We felt confident that Warwick would help facilitate a great rate for us (which he did!) and ensure that we were successful in purchasing our first home.

Thank you again!

Marco & Norys - Oakville

For a long time now Warwick has been our "mortgage guru"!

Both my wife an I are self-employed solopreneurs and time and time again the big banks always gave us the cold shoulder, but not Warwick!

He's always been able to make our numbers "do the talking" and presented us with the best possible deal that fits our financial situation and more important, our future. His expert advice and full knowledge of the industry (let alone his blazing fast response times) we believe are the best assets to make clients feel confident and sure that your biggest investment is in good hands.

Thank you W for all your help and hope counting on you for years to come!

Craig & Leigh - Milton

I contacted Warwick Johnston to discuss my financial situation, specifically to focus on reviewing cost effective solutions to address challenges we had with debt consolidation and our desire to being debt free.

7 Months later , we find ourselves in a completely different situation and now have the freedom of not having a mounting pressure on our shoulders. A big thank you for Warwick's professional and personal approach to what he does.

I would highly recommend Warwick.

Carm & Kerri - Milton

We had the pleasure of meeting Warwick and working with him.

He was always on time & we had great communication through email, text, and phone calls. He knows what he is doing and looks out for your best interest not the bank. He works around the clock and guides you every step of the way.

I will use him again 100%.

Ian & Karen - Milton

We had such a fantastic experience with Warwick after dealing with a largely advertised mortgage company and being let down.

Warwick took the time to get to know our situation and find us the right mortgage. Not only did we get a much lower rate than we had anticipated, but Warwick really focused on finding us the right product to suit our needs. He also guided us on how to deal with the other broker that was putting a lot of pressure on us to renew our previous mortgage with a much higher rate.

We definitely would recommend him to all of our family & friends.

David & Jennifer - Milton

Hi Warwick. I want to pass along a big thank you from Jennifer and I.

One for managing our bank along this process, whom we became nervous with all the errors on the mortgage commitment and the time they took to finalize the commitment. Second for being so responsive to our all emails and inquiries, your customer service was top notch. Finally and most importantly for finding us a mortgage that fit our unique situation and allowed our family to find a home and complete our relocation from the east coast in this very competitive housing market, no easy task!

Thank you very much, David and Jennifer.

Mark & Cindy - Milton / Fonthill

Warwick is an absolute pro. He takes time to explain everything in detail, leaving no surprises at closing time.

He is well versed at a number of different mortgage products and does a great job of explaining pros and cons. Most importantly Warwick always has puts his clients best interest first.

We strongly recommend his services.

Jodi - Waterdown

Warwick came highly recommended to me. Upon our first meeting I could see why.

As a newly single mom taking over my home and finances for the first time, Warwick made the process simple. He took me through each step with complete explanations. His focus was on MY situation and what would be best for me.

Highly recommend his service, you will not be disappointed!

Warwick, thank you so much for everything, you took a load of stress off my life and I will always be grateful! thx Jodi

Rick & Jen - Milton/Cambridge

We fought with ourselves on how to choose a Mortgage. As first time buyers, we had no Idea how or what we needed.

We found Warwick Online and were very reluctant to just pick some random guy off of the internet, so we did some research (Don't take my word for it, dig into him). We authenticated his licence and the company he works for, CHECK! The only thing we didn't do was contact a past customer of his (feel free, I will tell you).

HOWEVER, no matter how hard we looked, he seemed very legit! So we took the chance and met him. Unfortunately that was the bad part. He was way to Polite and nice of a guy, something had to go wrong!...

he only down side to using Warwick is now we have to pay off the mortgage he got us! As hard as that is, the lowest rate on the market at that time is what we got, so it makes it a little easier. That is what he said he would do and that is what he DID. The up side to Using Warwick is well . . . Everything. We are sure he has made mistakes in the past but he didn't with us and we WILL be using him AGAIN.

Extremely Satisfied and Happy. Jen, Rick and the Boys. Thank you Warwick

Agbor - Mississauga

I was referred to Warwick by a friend who spoke very highly of him. Being a first time home buyer I read a lot about the process but when I met Warwick I learnt a lot from him and he was always willing to provide his advice. Warwick worked hard to make sure I got a great rate and guided me through qualifying for home improvement loan to update my new house. Warwick was always checking to make sure I understood the process and even after the deal was done, he happily answered my questions and provided direction when asked.

Warwick guided me through the home buying process, understanding my mortgage and renovation loan. His knowledge of these processes are vast. I am grateful to have benefited from all of his knowledge and felt very confident with the choices that I made. I felt like dealing with a one stop shop, he went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted in the most stress free manner.

Warwick, thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a mortgage.

Gary - Toronto

Warwick Johnston was efficient, responsive and warmly supportive through a rather difficult and detail oriented seeking of my mortgage. Warwick had quick and effective strategies to deal with various obstacles , and was able to set all parties at ease. Personally he provided a presence that was reassuring and more than helpful during a difficult time for me.

Gary Justice - Pratice With Gary

Rhonda & Lenny - Milton

Andrew, I would like to Thank You for recommending Warwick Johnston to Lenny and myself as our new mortgage broker.

From my experience with Warwick I would strongly recommended him. He was very helpful, patient and did not pressure us to become his clients. He provided his advice when needed and was very prompt.

I am sure whoever you recommend Warwick too, is being placed in the hands as good as yours in the mortgage industry!

Once again, Thank You Andrew, Realtor

Greg - Mississauga

Warwick did an unbelievable job!!

He got me a great rate and answered all of my many, many questions. He helped me a great deal with the refinance of my house for a separation; he really is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He completely exceeded all of my expectations.

I would recommend him to anyone I know. And I am not someone who ever writes reviews, but he did such a great job and I am very grateful for all of his help. It is good to see reading all of the other reviews that it is quite obvious he does a great job for others as well.

Ross & Tracy - Burlington / Hamilton

Our Real Estate Agent put us in touch with Warwick when we were looking to purchase a new house. I am really glad she did!

Warwick worked extremely hard to get us the best rate possible as well as give us numerous scenarios during the stressful time of selling/buying a home. We used a well-known Real Estate lawyer in Hamilton who told us that we were his 40063rd clients and he had never seen a rate as low as what Warwick was able to get us. He said we should commend Warwick, that is why I'm writing this.

We were very pleased with Warwick's services and his professionalism and we will be recommending him to all our friends!
Thanks again Warwick!

Keith & Lesley - Oakville

We had never used a mortgage broker before and were nervous that a broker would favour a lender at the cost of the borrower.

In the interest of full disclosure we did know Warwick before choosing him as our broker and we found that he is as ethical and nice in his business role as he is in his personal role. Warwick listened to our needs for our refinancing and explained things in a clear concise way for people who are not familiar with the process, terminology and consequences of their mortgage. He answered every question in full and never glossed over the tough ones.

Needless to say, we are very happy that we have the mortgage that fits our needs and at a better rate that was offered by the bank that we have been 'loyal' to for 15 years.


Tim & Alison - Milton

Warwick !!!! What can we say!! Well he is wonderful at his job.

We are a blended family who needed a fresh start, but with my credit score the worst on earth, and Alison not having a big paying job. I had been turned down by all the A lender banks. I called Warwick and he worked tirelessly to get me a mortgage. We were ready to face the facts and rent, but Warwick didn't give up, he pushed on and got us our dream home.

Warwick is a warm compassionate man who cares deeply for his clients. We consider him a good friend. We can always count on him for all my mortgage needs. Warwick thank you our Friend!!!!!

Tim & Alison

John & Ricki - Bond Head

Warwick Johnston is a very organized, well informed, knowledgable individual. A very personable, sincere and compassionate man.

We were very fortunate and blessed to have been referred to him by a dear friend. We were looking for a new start with our existing mortgage and Warwick made that process like a "walk in the park" for us. Definetly an individual that sincerely cares about people and wanting to help them.

Thank you again, Warwick. We highly recommend you to everyone.

Andrew & Erica - Milton

Admittedly, I have been reluctant to rely on a mortgage broker for my financing needs. I had typically defaulted to my local bank on the belief that if I kept all my financial products under the same company, I would be rewarded with lower cost of borrowing and added perks.

Boy, was I wrong!

Not only did Warwick source a rate that beat my Big 5 bank by at least 1% point, but I also received practical financial planning that was tailored to my life. Warwick is a true mortgage pro that helped win over this reluctant mortgage broker client through analysis and hard financial facts.

I would not hesitate to refer Warwick for your mortgage needs.

Chris and Andrea - Realtors

Warwick is a very reliable extension of the service we provide clients. He is very personable and takes our clients best interests to heart. Whether it's re-financing or applying for a mortgage, Warwick always sits with his client to understand the "big picture" and advise them of a plan to get their finances in order.

He is a very detail oriented individual with an in-depth knowledge in his field. He goes above and beyond when it comes to servicing his/our clients and we have only ever heard great feedback. He works in a very timely manner and searches for the best rates/package for his clients while there is no expense incurred by his clients as he gets compensated from the banks and lenders.

Chris and Andrea Seventikidis - Realtors - Century 21

Sylvain & Sandra - Mississauga

Warwick Johnston is a man I trust entirely and appreciate for his hard work.

He knows his job and his attention to detail gets you the best results. When he takes charge, you can rest assured that you have someone on your side representing you who is honest, trustworthy and really cares about getting you the best value. A man of true integrity!

My husband and I are so pleased with his level of service and would recommend him to anyone.

Thank you again, Warwick!
Sandra Messier - Arbonne Regional Vice President

Steph - Toronto

I was referred to Warwick by my close friend and real estate agent who had previously used him 3 times and swore that he knew how to “work magic” – and indeed he did!

I had a very unique situation. Lenders required the last two years of income. My problem was two-fold: Firstly, I am 100% commission – and commissioned income can fluctuate dramatically from year to year. Secondly, and more importantly – I quit my previous job in the summer of 2010 and began a new job halfway through the following year. Therefore I was submitting only one year of income to cover a two year period. Institutional lenders did not care how many months I had worked to receive that income and refused to pro-rate it. They cared only about the final number on my NOA, which would have been double had I not taken nearly a year off to travel. Moreover, most lenders stipulate that debt and credit lines be paid off immediately. In my unique situation, I use a line of credit to smooth out my income. Some months my pay was zero and other months I could pay off the line of credit with ease. To pay off my credit line in full in addition to my down payment on closing would have been very costly for me to do, as my money was tied up in investments. I cannot even put in words the stress that this caused given that my purchase offer had no financing conditions.

Then there was Warwick.

Despite all of these obstacles he was able to get me approved for over a quarter of a million dollars MORE than the bank approved me for, and also managed to get me a rate that was 2.5% lower than what the bank offered me. He also had the stipulation regarding the credit line waived because of the uniqueness of my situation. It took no time at all to realize that Warwick truly does “work magic”.

Warwick was simply a pleasure to work with. The level of service I received from him is unparalleled and could never be attained from a bank or by working with a major lender directly. He brings a wonderful mix of professionalism and compassion, patience and expertise. I was a first time homebuyer with no clue what I was doing. Warwick met with me several times and answered all of my countless emails practically before I could even hit the ‘send button’. He walked me through everything until I was 100% comfortable with concepts that were initially very foreign to me.

Warwick was really a breath of fresh air through an extremely frustrating and stressful process. I can’t imagine ever working with anyone else in the future.

Thank you Warwick!

P & D - Milton

We bought a new house and were looking for mortgage options, went to few banks and were given the run around so my husband decided to find a mortgage broker and that's when we found out about Warwick. For all those out there who are looking for a mortgage broker who is really looking out for your interest "this is your man".

Warwick has made the process so easy for us. He takes the time to go through everything with you. We are first time buyers and had tons of questions and we still have. He has been amazing in returning our phones calls,responding to emails. He genuinely cares for people and definitely believes in helping people save money.


Dorothy - Mississauga

I am forever grateful to Warwick Johnston. I am very fortunate that a friend referred me to Warwick for mortgage services.

As I worked with him, he was always there crunching the numbers to get the best for me. He always gave professional, prompt and curtious service and was there to explain the numbers. As a retired person trying to stay in my home, he was able to negotiate an excellent mortgage rate for the amount that I required.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I highly recommend Warwick Johnston's services.

AC - Milton

I had been struggling with my current bank's mortgage set up they had in place for me. It was broken into 3 segments, and the interest on 2 portions of those segments was high, and I was paying alot of monthly interest charges, without the principal being reduced.

That bank told me there was nothing they could do for me, after 10 years with them. They offered absolutely no solution, and the same goes for several other banks I had contacted.

I had heard that getting a mortgage broker was the best thing to do in today's day and age. I had never used one before, and didn't know the first thing to do, so months ago, a friend recommended his broker in Guelph. I contacted that broker, but truly did not get pleasant results. He was unempathetic, quick, and inpatient with me. So, I did nothing and gave it a break. Weeks later, I contacted approximately 4 other brokers and got the same results as above... unprofessional, unempathetic, and not dilgent whatsoever. I decided to forget the entire process.

But because I kept struggling financially (I am a single mom) I did not want to give up hope that something may be done to help me I decided to try again. Thank God I did!

I "googled" mortgage brokers for the Halton region last week.

Many company names came up, and I had a look at various websites, reviews, but nothing truly caught my attention. Then I came across WARWICK JOHNSTON. Not only was his web page extremely professional, and his credentials outstanding, but his reviews were second to none. I decided to contact him.

It has been the BEST decision I have ever made with respect to my financial hardships. Mr. Johnston took my call immediately and quickly showed an interest and understanding in my situation. He was empathetic to my concerns, and instantly started the entire process that very phone call!!!!! He took down as much information as neccessary and assured me he would be prompt in getting back to me with numbers and figures. Prompt indeed he was! The initial conversation took place late evening, and before Noon the following morning, Warwick contacted me and forwarded me all the charts/numbers/ratios etc,for my review. It was the start I needed to commence the process of saving money by switching my mortgage over.

He was diligent in his work, and in forwarding me all the pertinent information. He has beyond exceeded my expectations! When there were areas of uncertainty with respect to me understanding the figures, Warwick instantly assured me he would explain in full detail exactly what everything meant. And, indeed he did just that! Displaying incredible amounts of patience and thoroughness, he went through every last detail with me until I had a complete understanding of it. The final result is that I have switched my mortgage over to a new lender, which will save me so much extra money. This switch was done effectively, immediately, and extremely professionally.

Warwick took away my financial worries that I had been struggling with for almost 2 years. When many others told me "IT CAN'T BE DONE" or, simply did not show an interest in helping me, Warwick was the only person to change that, and exceeded my expecations in doing so. To be honest, I even shed some tears of happiness. I kept being told in the past that there would be no way I would qualify for a new mortgage, that I had too much debt, etc, that because of my expensive divorce and enormous debts, there was no hope to qualify me. Basically, no one else was willing to help or even came close to caring.

Warwick sincerely gave me hope that there are really good people out there, that actually do have compassion, empathy, and human kindness, and take the honest time and committment to help out others. I believe this is not just a job for him. I believe this is his passion in life.... to help others.... this is why he is so great at what he is a passionate career for him, not a job. Warwick went ABOVE AND BEYOND his duties as a mortgage broker and even gave me great advice on other matters. I will ONLY EVER deal with him going forward.

I have already told my family and friends, and they too are completely blown away with my new found happiness and QUICK results that only Warwick was able to provide for me. Sure, there may be lots of mortgage brokers out there. But there is only one you should call. He is Warwick Johnston, and he is the kindest, patient, most empathetic, professional hardworking broker one could ever hope to come across!!!

Thank you so much, over and over, time and again, Warwick, for caring about people, and for all your knowledge and expertise. You are the best in this industry by far!!!!!!!! OH, and thanks GOOGLE for helping me find him :)

Give yourself a huge pat on the back, every day Warwick!!!