Home Purchase Mortgage

Take the time to explore your options.
There are a number of considerations to take into account - interest rates, legal fees, insurance and penalties.

Whether you are a First Time Buyer or you have had a mortgage before, there is a very competitive market between Mortgage Lenders. They are all striving to get your business. Just because you bank with a particular financial institution, you do not have to do your mortgage with them. So often, the mortgage rate and terms of the mortgage you get from your bank is certainly not the best deal. New mortgage owners often go straight to their banks, completely unaware that a Mortgage Broker, like ourselves, could have saved them a lot of money with better mortgage rates and favourable mortgage loan terms.

DON'T GET CAUGHT. Learn the difference between a Mortgage Broker who is goverened by the Mortagge Adminstration Act and a Bank Agent who is governed by the Bank Act.

A review of your financial situation will determine which mortgage lender would be suited for your application and where the best mortgage interest rates are. Let us shop the market for you.

Mortgage Considerations
Every financial situation is different. Take the time to understand the factors that you need to consider when applying for a mortgage.

Here are some of the considerations: Credit Scores, Mortgage Interest Rates, Mortgage Term, Variable Mortgage Rate versus Fixed Mortgage Rate, Amortization Period, Effective Interest Rates, Mortgage Pre-payment privileges, Mortgage Penalties, Actual Cost of Borrowing, etc.

Contact Warwick Johnston, licensed Mortgage Agent for a free analysis of your situation. A Mortgage Pre-Approval is also a simple way of securing rates for up to 120 days and giving you piece of mind when looking for a home to purchase, knowing your financing is already partly approved. Keep in mind, a pre-approval does not mean you are already approved. You will still have to submit all the documentation required to qualify with the mortgage lender.

Warwick Johnston, mortgage agent, provides a wide range of mortgage services, some of which include: First Time Home Buyer Mortgage, Mortgage Refinance and Reverse Mortgage. Read more about Warwick Johnston, Licenced Mortgage Broker in Milton, ON.